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Trish Callaghan - Co Founder & GM

The wine industry was not Trish’s first career. Starting in IT after completing her business degree she went on to achieve success working at Global IT outsourcing giant EDS.   

During this time, she ran various aspects of the Asia Pacific operations and was finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the year awards, but it is her achievements working with Dr Bob Ballard (discovered the wreck of theTitanic) and his team as she joined his vision to bring the journey of exploration & science to students around the world with his Jason Project of which she is most proud. 

During this time Trish was also instrumental in launching what is now known as webhosting and cloud storage in Australia (long before Dropbox and wordpress!) at a time of complexity, early disruption and being at the ‘bleeding edge’ - developing skills & experience perfect for a first generation winemaker in one of the most challenging times in history.

Working with the unknown is familiar territory for Trish and the challenges of primary production and dynamic domestic and international markets impacted by COVID and more mean the busy times go well beyond the vintage season.

With Matt’s tutelage she has learned much about wine production from pruning, picking destemming, inoculating ferments, plunging and pressing and when needed will roll up her sleeves at the winery at any time of the year.

Matt & Trish are parents to Eliza, Oscar and Airlie all of whom you may meet helping out from time to time at the Winery or Cellar door.