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Smidge wines has a selection of tasting experiences designed to showcase the Smidge story in an entertaining and educational way from our open weekends on the second weekend of every Month top unique experiences such as our blind tasting and Magic Dirt masterclass.

Cellar Door

The Smidge Wines Cellar Door is open on the second weekend of every month between 12 midday and 5pm (or by appointment).

Open Dates:

**Smidge Wines is Moving** Please watch out for our next open on social media - Thank you 

Blind Tasting

Be amongst the first to join in for some fun at our cellar door and try our Blind Tasting Challenge. Tasting out of black glasses you'll be down a sense and rely only on your nose and palate to determine vintage, variety, region and label. Bookings are essential, with a maximum group size of 4.

Each challenger will be given two wines, in two glasses and their answers (often your first guess is your best!). 

Price: $35 per person

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Barrel Tastings

Get unparalleled access to one of Australia's most awarded winemakers in this behind-the-scenes exclusive wine tasting experience.

Taste from the barrel at different stages and vintages to get a better understanding of the maturation and blending processes to understand the impact of terroir, weather and winemaking decisions. Each experience is unique and customised to your personal wine preferences & experience.

$245 per person, minimum 2 person booking.

Magic Dirt Masterclass

In our Magic Dirt Masterclass, Matt will taste through the current release of each subregional Shiraz, talking through the winemaking approach to the series and how it showcases the influence of terroir. He’ll describe each site and the journey each vineyard has been on prior to be classified as a worthy member of our Magic Dirt designation.

Price: $250 per person
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VIP Masterclass for 2 People

With a choice to hold the tasting 'virtually' anywhere in Australia, or at the Smidge Winery this experience tastes through 3 Smidge Wines with the option of a 'mystery' bottle that can add to the fun of the tasting!.

Hosted by Smidge Winemaker and Founder you'll gain a behind the scenes insight that is as unique as it is fun.

Our VIPs will also receive a blind tasting kit to continue the fun & experience with friends   

Price: $575