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Winemaker for a Year – In a Day!

You and your guests will be welcomed to Smidge and given a brief introduction to Smidge and globally acclaimed winemaker Matt Wenk.  He’ll then personally walk you through a small selection of barrels, as Matt talks through the influence of variety, vineyard, vintage and forest.  This introduction sets the scene before sitting down to a structured barrel classification experience.

Under the tutelage of Matt, each participant will grade each barrel (10 in total), before sharing and discussing results over a selection of refreshments designed to refresh your palate while discussing the results and a group.

Through this discussion, Matt will assist as you and your guests create a unique blend to mark the experience.

Once the blend is tweaked, tasted and complete you’ll b walked through some base analysis measuring important details such as pH and Alcohol.

A volume of the finished blend will be prepared before hand bottling to ensure each winemaker has souvenir of their efforts.

The day will finish with a bespoke ‘end of vintage’ style dinner inside the winery before leaving with unique blend for your winemaking experience.

Price on Application – Enquire here