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Welcome to the Client for Life Program where Socially Smidge means business

Do you want a Smidge more on Smidge? 
Lets look at the numbers?
Use our calculator below to see what impact a retention & referral program can make to your brand
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So how does the Socially Smidge Business Program help?

Our program supports long term revenue growth through top of mind engagement that includes  92  branded contact points and upto18 hand picked bottles of Smidge Wines over 12 months.

We have identified that businesses with high client acquisition costs and long term value that can be protected and grown.

Our Socially Smidge
Experience can help

Download Our Client For Life Report Here
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Here are the statistics* around referrals - through multiple contacts

and gifts over a year we've designed our program to optimise results.


Referrals convert 30% better 

Referred clients have a 16% higher value

- Referrals are 4 x more willing to convert
- 50%+ of clients are willing to refer but don't
- 2.86 average referrals per client
- Referral tools can accelerate referrals by 3x
Are you one of the 70% of companies surveyed that doesn't have a corporate referral program?