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Socially Smidge - Story Board 4 Seasons Producer

Socially Smidge - Story Board 4 Seasons Producer

The Socially Smidge White Label is the core of what it is to be Smidge. These carefully chosen single varietal wines tell Matt’s journey. The selected vineyards matched with varieties vintage and vinification tell us as much of Matt the Man as the wine labels themselves. The selected icons, names and backstories make a delicious reference to moments of inspiration in the Founders story from kissing frogs to dancing like no one is watching.

- 4 deliveries of 2 x 750ml (8 bottles in total) from our White label range, each paired with seasonal produce
- 1 x Blind Tasting Kits
- Barrel Tasting for 2
- Annual membership to the Socially Smidge Community
- Priority invitations to annual events

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